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  Vidal Blanc
Cabernet Franc White Riesling Country Blush



Concord Niagara Pink Catawba
Catawba Vin Rose Sweet Concord
Golden Chablis Haut Sauterne  



Cherry Iced Delaware Wine





Our Premium line of wines are made from the Vitis Vinifera or French-American Hybrid varieties of grapes.



CABERNET FRANC:A dry full bodied red wine with a luscious oak flavor and hints of blackberry & strawberry. 2010 Ohio Wine Gold medal winner.


WHITE RIESLING:A semi dry white varietal wine with excellent varietal characters and lasting body.


$ 12.65


CHAMBOURCIN: A nearly dry dark red varietal with a hint of oak for a well- rounded character.

$ 9.88


VIDAL BLANC:A semi dry white varietal wine with a crisp fruity flavor.

$ 9.88



COUNTRY BLUSH: A semi dry blend of hybrid wines with a clean, distinctive character.





Our traditional line of wines are made primarily from Vitis Labrusca varieties of grapes.



CONCORD: A dry red varietal wine featuring the traditional concord grape flavor. 2010 Ohio wine bronze medal winner.




CATAWBA: A semi dry white varietal wine with a spicy well balanced flavor and aroma.


GOLDEN CHABLIS: A semi dry white blend of Delaware and Vidal Blanc wines, great for any occasion.

$ 9.37

NIAGARA: A semi sweet white varietal wine with fruity characteristics. 2010 Ohio wine bronze medal winner.

$ 7.96

VIN ROSE:A semi sweet, light, red blend of Niagara and Concord wines.

$ 7.49

PINK CATAWBA: A delicate sweet pink wine with spicy characteristics. 2010 Ohio wine concordance gold medal winner and best of class.

$ 7.96

HAUT SAUTERNE: A sweet white wine blended with Niagara and light Concord wines for a pleasant, fruity aroma and taste. 2010 Ohio wine competition gold medal winner.


$ 7.96


SWEET CONCORD: A sweet red varietal wine featuring the aroma and taste of the concord grapes.



$ 7.49



These two wines are a flattering finish to any great dining experience.

CHERRY: A sweet full flavored red wine made from sour (pie) cherries. An excellent dessert wine or served hot with spices.


ICED DELAWARE WINE: Delaware grapes pressed frozen to create a nectar of the Gods.