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Home Winemakers


In the fall, we have available to the home winemakers most of the varieties of juice which we aquire for ourselves. We strive to use local fruit as much as we can.   All of our fruit comes from the shores of Lake Erie or Ohio.  

We sell the juice and supply the appropriate yeast for the juice and the individual's taste. We sell juice by appointment only. This ensures an adequate supply for each day. The dates listed below are generally when we will begin scheduling for pick-up. To schedule an appointment, you must phone us at (440) 933-6666 between 10 and 6 Monday thru Saturday. Home winemakers must supply their own containers of at least five gallons. We do not provide any other home winemaker supplies.

Our juice has had the initial dose of sulfur to inhibit wild yeast at the crusher, and in most cases, will have been treated with pectic enzymes for clarifying and settled. The juice is not adjusted otherwise. We do not store our juices longer than a week. Thus, Niagara is not available in October.

Juice Variety Begin Calling Price / Gallon
Niagara 9/08/18 $7.50
Delaware 9/15/18 $8.50
Seyal Blanc 9/15/18 $9.00
Traminette 9/10/18 $9.00
Fredonia 9/15/18 $7.50
Concord 9/22/18


Catawba 10/01/18 $7.25
Chambourcin/crushed 09/22/18 $45/ 6 gal bucket

For a copy of our juice letter with volume discounts listed and further information, download our
2018 Juice Letter pdf file.